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Provo is the third-largest city in Utah and the county seat of Utah County. It lies about 43 miles south of Salt Lake City along Interstate 15 and is home to many businesses and industries. Sledgehammer aims to offer the businesses of this large city a product and waste destruction service that they can trust. Our services consist of mostly shredding, product destruction, and food and beverage destruction

Our Product Destruction Process


30 HP Plant based horizontal baler crushes product with 400,000+ lbs. of force.  35,000 cubic ft. of product per hour capacity. Ideal for solid materials including wood, plastics and non-ferrous metal.


40 HP High torque, low speed, dual shaft plant based shredder ensures product never reaches the market again. Strip size from 3/4″-1 1/4″ . Ideal for clothing, textiles, tires, and paper products.


Products are securely delivered to a waste facility and processed in a manner ensuring its disposal. Cost effective solution for product that needs to be properly disposed of. Certificate of Disposal will be issued.

Services We Offer in Provo

When it comes to Provo product destruction, Sledgehammer provides a variety of services to fit your needs. We understand the importance of protecting your brand and business name, and our team is dedicated to ensuring your products are destroyed in a way that is both efficient and secure. Our team offers shredding, crushing, and witnessed burial services

Our Product Destruction services include:

Collection logistics

We’ll work with your in-house management team to set up a pick-up time that works for you.

Unpacking, segregation, and sorting

Upon receiving the items, we’ll separate your materials where necessary.


We remove destroyed materials that can be safely recycled when possible and ensure no traces of confidential information remain.

Certificates of destruction

We provide proof of destruction via written documentation to accommodate internal criteria, insurance, and state and federal requirements.

Recycling industry a worker who recycling thing on recycle center.Manager and Manual Worker in Metal Landfill

What Items Do We Handle?

We handle a wide range of items that your business may need to have destroyed, from unusable or unsafe products to food and beverage waste.

Services we offer include:

  • Product disposal for defective, recalled, and returned products
  • Destruction of old files and documents
  • Food Disposal
  • Beverage disposal

Product Destruction

We offer a complete secure product destruction solution in Provo. You can feel secure about safe destruction of defective, recalled and returned products.

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Document Destruction and Shredding

Shredding old files is a necessary part of any business. That’s why we provide confidential and cost effective paper destruction and shredding.

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Food & Beverage Waste Destruction Services

Food and beverage waste destruction services provide a safe and effective way to dispose of food and beverage waste.

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Why Choose Sledgehammer Product Destruction

A defective product that has been recalled can be dangerous in the wrong hands. At Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we process and destroy the items you can’t dispose of in the trash to protect your business from potential liability and secure your proprietary information and brand image.

We provide product destruction services for a diverse range of sensitive and hazardous materials, as well as food and beverage waste. We understand that no two products are alike, so our team evaluates each type of item to ensure we process it correctly and safeguard your business and brand by destroying all confidential information.

We can pick up your items using our various trucks, including cargo vans, box trucks, roll-offs, and enclosed trailers. Once we pick up your items, we process them within 24 hours.

We have over 15 years of industry experience helping dozens of businesses securely dispose of various types of waste and can help you do the same.

Product Destruction FAQs

  • What is Product Destruction?

    So, what is product destruction? Product destruction refers to the process of securely destroying unwanted or obsolete products, protecting brand integrity and preventing them from entering unauthorized markets. These products can range from faulty products to confidential documents and branded materials.

  • When do I Need a Product Destruction Company?

    Obsolete, recalled or outdated products carry liability if they appear on the open market. Once a company decides to dispose of these materials, it is imperative that their disposal is guaranteed. Landfills  will not ensure the secure disposal of the materials they receive. Items sent for disposal are often times acquired by unauthorized sellers and re-appear on the secondary market. Companies across the globe ensure products that need to be disposed of, never see the light of day again by utilizing certified product destruction.

  • How Does Product Destruction Work?

    Our product destruction process is straightforward and transparent.

    Once you contact us to let us know you want to dispose of unwanted products, we securely transport them to our facilities. Here, depending on the nature of the products, we use methods such as shredding, crushing, or incineration to ensure they’re irrecoverable and ready for disposal.

  • Do You Offer Sensitive Equipment Destruction?

    There are many types of equipment that you need to thoroughly destroy.

    These include manufacturing devices, servers with business secrets, hard drives, toxic waste containers, and more. Even products can be sensitive if they reveal something important.

    Special procedures need to be taken in each case to destroy equipment effectively and securely. This is particularly a concern when your company is on the line.

    Sledgehammer PD does offer sensitive equipment destruction for our clients throughout the LA area.

  • What if My Waste Contains Chemicals or Harzardous Materials?

    Chemicals leach into landfills and contaminate the water underneath. In Los Angeles, Sledgehammer PD can handle products classified as hazardous materials.  

  • Do You Offer Completely Secure Product Destruction Services in Provo?

    At Sledgehammer PD, our product destruction methods are not only thorough but also adhere to stringent security measures.

    We understand the potential risks associated with improper disposal. It can lead to data breaches or brand reputation damage.

    We use state-of-the-art methods and technology for product destruction in Los Angeles, offering you peace of mind knowing your products are disposed of safely.

    Protect your brand and business with Sledgehammer PD’s certified product destruction and disposal services.

  • Is Your Product Disposal Process Environment-Friendly?

    Beyond providing secure, total product destruction, Sledgehammer PD is dedicated to protecting our planet. We understand the importance of eco-friendly practices in product disposal, which is why we recycle many of the products we process. We dispose in a way that meets or exceeds local and federal environmental regulations.

  • Do I Need a Certificate of Destruction?

    Certified destruction protects your brand and your business. 

    A certificate of destruction is a document that verifies the secure and proper destruction of sensitive or confidential materials, such as documents, electronic media, or products.

    In California (Los Angeles?), businesses are not generally required to have a certificate of destruction for waste disposal, but it may be necessary for specific regulated industries or when dealing with sensitive information to demonstrate compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

    Learn more about certificates of destruction and our certified product destruction in the greater Los Angeles area.

  • When do I need a product destruction company?

    Organic waste and product destruction for businesses are services that your local garbage disposal firm cannot handle. Even most hired companies cannot get the job done.

    From chemicals to trade secrets, many materials require a specialty company to ensure destruction. Some products must be destroyed this way by law.

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  • They made our disposal and destruction project super easy. They are professional and fast. I will definitely call Sledgehammer again and highly recommend them
  • Jeff has provided excellent service always on time and prevents our warehouse from getting cluttered. Thank you for the excellent service
  • Great company for all your electrical recycling needs. I was a little unprepared but they helped me gather all of the E Waste. Very professional and friendly.

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