Product Destruction in Fontana

Product destruction in Fontana just got a whole lot easier thanks to Sledgehammer Product Destruction. If you’re using in-house resources to manage shredding, recycling, or the oversight of product destruction services, a simple phone call can change all of that. 

5 Reasons For Certified Product Destruction

Sledgehammer PD specialists can take on any size or scope of project, big or small, leaving you with more time on your hands to focus on your business. You’ll find information on our website to help you better understand what we do and how it will benefit your company.

1. Without a Certificate of Destruction, you can only rely on the word of your service company that outdated or recalled items are off of store shelves for good. If you have out-of-date food & beverage items or medical supplies that could make someone sick, certified product destruction is the best solution. Organics waste should not be resold to the public- we can make certain your items are crushed and removed from circulation.
2. Your Certificate of Destruction offers peace of mind that should anyone inquire at a later date about items that were devoted for destruction, you’ll be protected from liability. Our PD experts deliver your waste to a facility where the items are processed and disposed of according to local and state codes. Along with product destruction, we also offer provide recycling serving in Fontana, CA.
3. Equipment destruction for businesses very often involves machinery or electronics that have resale value, making it tempting for recycling companies to resell items that were slated for destruction. If you want to avoid your prototypes, recalled products, or defective items from reaching store shelves, ending up in the hands of consumers, you’ll want to hire a company that can offer you secure product destruction that comes with a certificate.
4. A Certificate of Destruction ensures safe practices were used during the crushing or shredding of your items. For companies that frequently dispose of hard drives and sensitive documents or paper records, it’s vitally important that a certificate is provided to keep add to company records. Companies in every industry rely on Sledgehammer Product Destruction in Fontana.
5. You may think it will cost a lot to hire a PD company that will back up its services with a Certificate of Destruction, and while that may be the case with others serving in the industry, it’s not the case with Sledgehammer Product Destruction services in Fontana. We work hard to keep our clients under budget, with affordable solutions to meet every need.

Make a phone call to Sledgehammer Product Destruction today with your questions- our helpline number is 562-210-0075. You’ll also find information on our website, such as FAQs, services offered, and locations. In most cases, a representative from your company can witness your products’ destruction; find out more about certified PD when you reach out to us via phone or email. With more than 15 years of experience serving California, we believe we are the right choice to meet your company’s needs.

  • They made our disposal and destruction project super easy. They are professional and fast. I will definitely call Sledgehammer again and highly recommend them
  • Jeff has provided excellent service always on time and prevents our warehouse from getting cluttered. Thank you for the excellent service
  • Great company for all your electrical recycling needs. I was a little unprepared but they helped me gather all of the E Waste. Very professional and friendly.

With over 15 years of industry experience, Sledgehammer’s team helps our customers protect themselves from potential liability and secure their brand image and proprietary information.

At Sledgehammer, we understand that no two products are alike. We work closely with our customers to find the best method of destruction for their individual materials. Depending on how a product is packaged, different trucks may be needed to haul. We offer enclosed trailers, roll-offs, box trucks and cargo vans for the smaller jobs. Once picked up, all product is processed securely within 24 hours. All of our methods of destruction come complete with photos and a certificate of destruction or disposal, guaranteeing the service was completed.

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