Powder Coating Little Rock Ar

With over 15 years of industry experience, Sledgehammer’s team helps our customers protect themselves from potential liability and secure their brand image and proprietary information.

Powder Coating Little Rock Ar

With over 15 years of industry experience, Sledgehammer’s team helps our customers protect themselves from potential liability and secure their brand image and proprietary information.


30 HP Plant based horizontal baler crushes product with 400,000+ lbs. of force.  35,000 cubic ft. of product per hour capacity. Ideal for solid materials including wood, plastics and non-ferrous metal.


40 HP High torque, low speed, dual shaft plant based shredder ensures product never reaches the market again. Strip size from 3/4"-1 1/4" . Ideal for clothing, textiles, tires, paper products and electronic waste.


Products are securely delivered to a waste facility and processed in a manner ensuring its disposal. Cost effective solution for product that needs to be properly disposed of. Certificate of Disposal will be issued.

Product Destruction Service

We offer complete product destruction solutions. Your company can feel secure knowing that defective , recalled or returned products will be safely destroyed and disposed of.

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Food & Beverage Waste Destruction Services

Excess or outdated pre-consumer food and beverage products are one of the most common forms of waste. They can be challenging to properly dispose of. We provide a number of options for the safe and effective disposal of food and beverage products.

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Certified Electronics/Data Destruction

We specialize in environmentally safe ways of recycling and disposing of electronic waste such as PC monitors, cell phones, hard drives, and other equipment. We ensure highly sensitive business technology or data is destroyed efficiently and confidentiality.

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Certified Document Destruction and Shredding

Shredding old files is a necessary part of any business. We provide confidential and cost effective paper destruction and shredding. Your confidential records can be effectively destroyed without interruption of your business operations.

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Powder Coating Little Rock Ar

Powder coating has become the most popular way to give metal works a proper and durable finish. While it is an excellent option for a decorative finish, it offers several benefits that metal fabricators have learned long ago. Powder coating in Little Rock Ar will give your metal items far better appearances and make them more valuable.

Powder Coating in Metal Finishes

Powder coating was a significant discovery in the 1960s. When scientists perfected it as a finishing process for the metal product industry, it was nothing short of a revolution. The promises of several notable advantages over liquid paint and metal plating meant that product manufacturers could be sure of improving the quality of the metal items.

Over the years, powder coating has been applied to other products in the market, including wood furniture and plastic electronic devices. Three primary advantages are listed by the Powder Coating Institute: premium appearance, improved durability, and lower environmental impact.

What are the benefits of Powder Coating?

We have already listed some of the primary advantages you can expect to enjoy when you choose Powder over the other finishing methods. Now, we will elaborate on these and a few other benefits.

Premium Appearance

Powder coating is far better than the alternatives when it comes to the appearances it gives to finished metal products. The application and drying processes create a finish that is not found in any other paint product.

Improved Durability

This is another important reason to choose Powder Coating in Little Rock, Ar. The powder doesn’t just adhere to the surface it is used in. The coating and drying process ensures that the powder forms chemical bonds in the process. This creates a flexible, durable finish that is resistant to corrosion, flaking, and scratching.

Lower Environmental Impact

Powder coatings are free of toxic chemicals and solvents. The process of applying the chemicals do not release harmful substances into the atmosphere, and there are no residual wastes from powder coating. Again, powder coating helps reduce the health hazard to operators. Expert painters are able to complete their jobs without incidents. The professionals at APS often use their safety gear the right way.  

Easy Maintenance

Durability is not the only long term benefit of using Powder Coating. Easy maintenance is one of the great long term benefits. You don’t need any special cleaners or solvents to keep it clean. With regular soapy water, you can wipe down and rinse off with clean water. You also don’t have to bother about corrosion, rust, and other damages.

Powder coating is becoming popular across different industries. It is now used for appliances, automotive, architecture/building, and everyday products. For Powder Coating in Little Rock Ar, Arkansas Painting and Specialties is the best to work with.

Powder Coating Little Rock Ar

  • This company is awesome! They came to my office and recycled some electronics that we had around the office that's been piling up for years! So glad they took care of it!
  • They made our disposal and destruction project super easy. They are professional and fast. I will definitely call Sledgehammer again and highly recommend them
  • Jeff has provided excellent service always on time and prevents our warehouse from getting cluttered. Thank you for the excellent service
  • Great company for all your electrical recycling needs. I was a little unprepared but they helped me gather all of the E Waste. Very professional and friendly.

With over 15 years of industry experience, Sledgehammer’s team helps our customers protect themselves from potential liability and secure their brand image and proprietary information.

At Sledgehammer, we understand that no two products are alike. We work closely with our customers to find the best method of destruction for their individual materials. Depending on how a product is packaged, different trucks may be needed to haul. We offer enclosed trailers, roll-offs, box trucks and cargo vans for the smaller jobs. Once picked up, all products are processed securely within 24 hours. All of our methods of destruction come complete with photos and a certificate of destruction or disposal, guaranteeing the service was completed.

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