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At Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we take our role as the foremost provider of paper shredding in Los Angeles very seriously. That’s why we strive to provide the most comprehensive selection of document shredding services possible.

Below, you’ll find the top 9 document types we shred, many of which are not handled by other Los Angeles paper shredding companies.

Insurance Records

Insurance records are valuable documents in the short term. As time passes, however, they become less and less useful. Considering they bear sensitive personal information, simply throwing insurance records in the trash can be risky. At Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we’ll help you dispose of your insurance records responsibly.

Bank Statements

Like insurance records, bank statements should be kept for a short period of time. If kept beyond an appropriate period, however, they can pile up and make it difficult to keep track of your finances. Outdated bank statements can be handed over to us for safe destruction.

Medical Records

Having an outdated medical report at your house or business premises could lead to it being confused for a current record. This, in turn, could lead to the unthinkable. As the premier paper shredding service in Los Angeles, CA, Sledgehammer Product Destruction will eradicate this risk.

Uncashed Checks

On some occasions, you or your business may write a check that quickly becomes redundant. Throwing an uncashed check in the trash can easily lead to fraud and identity theft. To prevent this from happening, we help individuals and companies across LA destroy any unnecessary checks they have written or received.


To adequately monitor your company’s payroll, it is crucial that you destroy any expired or unsigned contracts. The preeminent force in paper shredding in Los Angeles, Sledgehammer Product Destruction will help you with this, thus eliminating the risk of contract confusion or disputes.

Employee Information

Employees are generally required to provide certain pieces of personal data when they begin working for a new company. If this data were to be intercepted by a third party, it could cause serious problems for both the individual and their employer. That’s why it should be handed over to our destruction professionals once it has served its purpose.

Credit Card Statements And Receipts

When tax season ends, most people are left with piles of credit card statements and receipts that they don't know what to do with. Such a high quantity of personal and financial information should not be thrown in the trash or shredded at home. It can only be safely disposed of by a certified product destruction company, such as ours.

Proprietary Data

As the proud providers of the best document shredding in Los Angeles, CA, Sledgehammer Product Destruction understands the importance of protecting your proprietary data. Should it fall into the wrong into the wrong hands, competitors could gain a serious advantage over your company. We’ll help you safely dispose of your proprietary data so your company can remain at the top of the line.

Customer Lists

Being a responsible business owner doesn’t just mean protecting the information of yourself and your employees. You must also provide your clients with the security they need to confidently do business with you. You can do this by entrusting Sledgehammer Product Destruction with the shredding and disposal of your customer lists and similarly delicate information.

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Paper Shredding Los Angeles