Mold Removal Services San Diego

One of the most unwanted consequences of a pipe leak or flooding is mold growing in your house. Some types of mold can be toxic to humans, particularly for people with vulnerable immune systems. EZ Dry Flooding offers professional mold removal services in San Diego so that you no longer have to worry about it.

Important things to know about mold inside your home

Dark, damp spaces such as your attic or basement are perfect breeding grounds for mold. They feed on things like drywall or wood in these rooms to grow. Mold grows through the spreading of spores, small particles that can be air-borne. These minuscule spores can carry toxins that irritate your respiratory or immune system.

Due to the spreading through air-borne particles, it can be quite tough to contain mold growth without affecting other areas of the house. Mold can contaminate the air you breathe. Hence, you should keep vigilant about any mold growth inside the house, especially if you have an HVAC system.

Regularly check your basement or attic for visible signs of mold growth, especially after flooding or if you discovered a leaky pipe. If you can see or smell any mold inside the house, you should not hesitate to either remove it yourself or call a contractor. There could also be mold growing without you seeing or smelling it, so testing for mold growth isn’t a bad idea.

I just discovered mold in my attic, how do I remove it?

If the affected area is quite small (smaller than 10 square feet, based on EPA regulations), you can remove it by yourself. However, if the area is larger than this, you should definitely employ a professional to do it. Do you need professional mold removal services in San Diego? We would be more than happy to help!

If you decide to remove it on your own, ensure you follow the guidelines from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) on how to do it safely. Firstly, you should seal the area away from people with breathing problems or weak immune systems, like small children. Because once you start to clean the mold, the spores will be flying everywhere in the air you breathe.

When you enter the affected area, ensure you cover your nose, skin, eyes, and mouth. We recommend you wear gloves and a respirator (a full-face one if the mold growth is extensive).

How do I find a good mold removal contractor?

One thing to keep in mind is not to hire a general contractor instead of ones that specifically do mold removal. There are certain regulations these professional contractors need to follow and certain chemicals to use.

You can search online to compile a list of contractors specializing in mold removal. You could also ask for advice from family or friends. Always check that they have references and that they follow the EPA’s guidelines on mold removal.

If you just discovered mold in your attic or basement while spring cleaning, don’t panic. EZ Dry Flooding provides professional mold removal services in San Diego. Contact us for more information.

Mold Removal Services San Diego