Are you paying too much for shredding services in Los Angeles? Why not make a phone call to Sledgehammer Product Destruction to find out how much you’ll save when you hire us to shred paper records, medical data, customer lists, employee data, credit card statements, bank information, unused checks, and more?

Sledgehammer Product Destruction is the foremost Los Angeles, CA shredding company. But what makes us so special? Why should you choose us for your document destruction services and needs?

How many times have you wished that you could find a professional shredding company in Los Angeles? If your answer is “a lot,” then the team at Sledgehammer Product Destruction is here to help! You can trust us with all of your needs, whether it be paper shredding services or any other type. We are committed to protecting our customer’s data and providing them with fast, affordable service. To learn more about what we offer, visit our website today.

Sledgehammer Product Destruction – Los Angeles Shredding Services Specialist

Did you know that Shredding Services in Los Angeles with a certificate of product destruction can help provide your company with protection against liabilities? Shredders are able to separate sensitive data from physical items, which means that they are responsible for the complete destruction of this information. Shredders are also able to assist businesses by meeting regulatory compliance standards. Shredders can ensure that any sensitive or confidential materials are destroyed in a timely manner so as to not create unnecessary risk.

Sledgehammer Shredding Services is the top choice for Shredding in Los Angeles. We are a professional Shredding Company with years of experience across industries, including medical records and data destruction, retail store audits, insurance claims processing- even recycling services! If you need to destroy items or hard drives call us today at 562-210-0075 to learn more about our Shredding Services.

Here are five reasons to choose Sledgehammer Product Destruction for shredding services in Los Angeles.

Certified Product Destruction

At Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we are certified to destroy all sorts of documents and items. That means we can ensure the safe and responsible disposal of your documents once they have been shredded. With our unsurpassed disposal protocol, you can be certain your waste will not negatively impact the environment.

Multiple Document Types Shredded

Many document shredding services in Los Angeles, CA, focus on one or two document types exclusively. At Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we handle virtually any document type you can think of. Among the most noteworthy forms of documentation we shred are outdated medical records, uncashed checks, and proprietary data. This allows us to provide the most comprehensive selection of shredding services in Los Angeles.


Some document shredding services can be pretty expensive. This drives many individuals and businesses to purchase a shredder of their own and handle their document destruction in house. In the long run, however, the cost of operating and maintaining a personal shredder can really add up. At Sledgehammer Product Destruction, our aim is to help you safely dispose of unnecessary documents in a manner that is both safe and affordable. That’s why we keep our prices low and our efficiency high. Contact us for a quote, and you’ll see that we are not only one of the best shredding companies in Los Angeles, but also one of the most affordable.

Proven Track Record

You want your business to be second to none. In order to do that, you’re going to need the help of a company that is already a titan in its industry. Sledgehammer Product Destruction is that business. We know what it takes to reach the top of the line, and our proven track record reflects that. The many positive reviews we have received from past clients serve to cement our place as the preeminent provider of paper shredding in Los Angeles.

Additional Services Provided

Along with our comprehensive document shredding packages, we provide certified product crushing services. This will help you dispose of many other items you no longer have need for. Among the materials we crush are plastic, wood, and even several forms of metal. When you choose Sledgehammer Product Destruction for your document disposal, you establish a relationship that can also be utilized for our product crushing. This means you won’t have to spend hours searching for reliable and affordable product crushing services should you require them in the future.

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If you’re a company that needs to destroy data, items, hard drives, or anything in bulk, Sledgehammer Product Destruction is here to help with all your Los Angeles Shredding Services.

To make a booking or receive a quotation, contact one of our certified document shredding professionals today on 562-210-0075.