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Dog Training In Long Island

Is your mischievous dog giving you headaches all day? You should consider Wallys World exclusive dog training in Long Island programs. We offer various training programs for pups and adult dogs. Get your canine enrolled today!

Home VS board and training programs

We allow you to choose the program that suits your needs best. For our home program, we emphasize a progressive, personalized approach when training your canine. The lessons will benefit both you and your adoptive pet. You can choose to attend these classes on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule based on your availability. It’s a guided simulation where you will be the one training your dog. We facilitate these training sessions in your home.

In contrast, our board and train approach is an arrangement where one of our trainers will adopt your dog for the preliminary round of training. Your dog will be in the comfort of the trainer’s home. As we progress through the stages of dog training, we will return him or her to you for transitional follow-up lessons.

Is your pup too young to start dog training?

We train pups as young as eight weeks, which is the perfect time to teach commands. It primarily focuses on obedience training concepts and agility. What are the stages of dog training? 

  1. Beginner – With this early-stage dog training in Long Island, your pup will master command comprehension and correct foundational behavior. After the beginner program, your pet will graduate to the next stage: our Basic training for dogs four months and older.
  2. Basic – Our curriculum involves customized training lessons, where your canine will work with a qualified behaviorist. It re-emphasizes commands to train your dog to overcome distractions, maintain composure, and increase reliability.
  3. Advanced – Our advanced training program is ideal for canines nine months and older. Here, we will re-emphasize and reinforce previous lessons. By now, your dog will master commands, agility, reliability, and obedience.

Complete dog training

Instead of approaching dog training with a gradual approach, we can formulate a comprehensive curriculum. Is your canine at least eight weeks old? Fantastic! A program we’ve designed for both dogs and their adoptive parent, it combines all three phases of training. Plus, you get to bond with your dog and work as a unit.

With everything we do, we emphasize a balanced approach. We employ adaptive strategies when training canines, where we consider our surroundings and parties involved. With this, we can customize our program, where it enables your dog to thrive during training. In that retrospect, we emphasize equal parts positive and negative reinforcement combined with our strategic techniques to yield the intended results.

We know sometimes canines can be stubborn. With our approach, you will have a well-mannered, content, intelligent pet in no time. Let us guide you or train your pet for you. With our flexible training programs, we keep our lessons personable and enriching. Wallys World offers the best-personalized programs for private dog training in Long Island. You won’t regret choosing us! Feel free to contact us directly at (631) 729 -1664 anytime with questions or to enroll your canine.

Dog Training In Long Island

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